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Project Icarus

Players: 1-4
Time: 20-45 minutes
Ages: 12+


The solar system is erupting into chaos. The dying sun is releasing intense bursts of solar radiation that’s destroying the planets around it, making it an invitation for death for anyone who enters the system. However due to the extreme solar activity, brand new elements are being formed and are worth billions of units. You’re one of a few brave mercenaries trying to make your way through the system gathering as many resources as you can before the sun goes supernova. You’ll find higher valued resources as you get closer to the sun, but it’ll be hard on your shields. Will you get the resources you need to set yourself up for life, or will you fly too close to the sun and be destroyed?

This game is currently in development, and images may not reflect the current state of development. Updates for this game will be posted in the Updates Section of the site.


BGG 24-Hour Design Contest


  • 1 Game Board
  • 2 Dice
    • 1 Drilling Die
    • 1 Movement Die
  • 4 Player Mats
  • 4 Player Ship Tokens
  • 9 Tracker Tokens
    • 1 Supernova Tracker
    • 4 Drill Integrity Trackers
    • 4 Shield Integrity Trackers
  • 22 Cards
    • 5 Goal Cards
    • 17 Shop Cards
  • 60 Resources
    • 30 Green Resources
    • 20 Red Resources
    • 10 Yellow Resources

Latest Updates

▼ Changelog

v.1.1 August 8, 2019

  • Overall
    • "Trading Posts" are now referenced as "Space Stations"
    • Removed resource tokens from the game and replaced with resource trackers for each resource type.
    • 2 versions of the game are planned: basic and deluxe.
      Basic Version
      • Integrated resource trackers on player boards
      • Cardstock game board
      • Sticker dice
      Deluxe Version
      • Resource pool section on game board with 150 resources (50 yellow, 50 red, 50 green)
      • Folding game board
      • Custom printed dice
  • Rules
    • Players can now go back onto a space they've already visited on their turn as long as they move OFF the space and then back on; thereby using up movement.
    • Supernova advances 1 space at the end of every round (twice during a 1 and 2 player games). This is in addition to any advancement that has happened that turn.
    • When your drill integrity is at 0 and you have no resources, once per game you can go back to the main space station to receive 3 green resources. If your shield gives out before you get there, you lose.
  • Player Boards
    • Removed "Player Board" from upper left corner.
    • Added in turn sequence reference to upper left hand corner.
    • Added shield point loss reference in upper left hand corner.
    • Added resource trackers (green, red, and yellow) to replace resource pool.
    • Added optional back with logo
  • Game Board
    • Fixed incorrect space station direction on right hand of game board on the outer ring (now it's blue pointing inwards).
    • Renamed "Reference" area to "Drilling Reference" and added drilling costs
    • Created "Space Station Actions" to bottom left hand corner.
    • Moved "Conversion" chart to lower left hand corner beside "Space Station Actions".
    • Added reminder above Supernova track to increase the Supernova tracker by 1 space at the end of every round.
  • Shop Cards
    • Added "Slingshot Maneuver" which allows you to use movement to swap spaces with another player.
    • Added "Cobalt Tipped" which allows you to drill 1 more time per planet. Drill integrity point loss remains constant each time you drill.
    • Added "Enhanced Scanner" which allows you to reroll the drilling die once per planet for the cost of losing the appropriate amount of shield points depending one what ring you're on.
  • Goal Cards
    • Added new goal cards: 1 beginner, 1 easy, 1 medium, 1 hard, 1 extreme, and 1 impossible.

v.1.0 Released July 4, 2019

  • Released to the public.