Project Icarus Launches!

Not a week after the release of Buried Treasure was released, I entered a new game into another contest. It was conceptualized and created in under 24 hours for a 24 hour game design contest. That's a 24 hour block of time including eating, sleeping, working, etc. So it was DEFINITELY created in less time than that. It's a "completed" game meaning you can play it with all of the components and artwork. It has a LOT of testing to go through and additional revisions as well. The solar system is erupting into chaos. The dying sun is releasing intense bursts of solar radiation that’s destroying the planets around it, making it an invitation for death for anyone who enters the system. However due to the extreme solar activity, brand new elements are being formed and are worth billions of units. You’re one of a few brave mercenaries trying to make your way through the system gathering as many resources as you can before the sun goes supernova. You’ll find higher valued resources as you get closer to the sun, but it’ll be hard on your shields. Will you get the resources you need to set yourself up for life, or will you fly too close to the sun and be destroyed? Project Icarus is a 1-4 player game that plays in roughly 15-30 minutes. We're looking for playtesters for Project Icarus. Links are located on the game page.
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Buried Treasure Released!

Buried Treasure is now released! Head over to the Buried Treasure page to download the print and play package (free) or purchase it at the Game Crafter (costs money)! We hope you enjoy it!
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Cards are Complete

I don't know how I let this one slip. A few weeks back I completed the cards for Buried Treasure; over 350 hours were put into the artwork for this game, with over 300 hours being put into the cards themselves. With 74 total cards in 6 different deck, this is the most expansive artwork done in one of our games to date. While each one is drawn and coloured in at a very high resolution, most of them will only be seen on poker sized cards. There is a plan in motion to sell some prints of the artwork at a later date. Stay tuned for more information regarding that.
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Buried Treasure to be Released July 1, 2019

The wait is finally over, and I am very happy to announce that Buried Treasure will be released to the public on July 1, 2019. Buried Treasure is a world-building/open-world sandbox game that is built as the players take their turn. Instead of using a standard playing board, players build the game board by drawing tiles when they explore the world. If the tiles are ever used up, players can still sail throughout the map trying to find more treasure on islands, by diving, and attacking pirates/sea creatures/other players. Outfitting your ship and crew allows you to specialize your ship to be better at attacking, exploring, defense, or speed. We've also added in storms which can rip parts off of your ship and throw you and other players in range of the storm off course. You never know what to expect when you play this game! After over 750 hours of work put into this game, you will be able to either download the files for free as a Print and Play package, or purchase it directly from The Game Crafter. Both options are set up to be the lowest cost possible so more people can play the game, no matter their budget. A TableTopia and Tabletop Simulator versions of the game will also be coming up in the next few months so people can play it online without needed to purchase it or craft the game themselves. Here at Karl Juhlke Games, we believe that things should be affordable to everyone. As such, the Game Crafter edition is set up to have 0% profit for us. What you're paying is the cost to manufacture the game, plus shipping to your door. As we get closer to the date, we'll have more updates!
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Diving Cards are Complete!

So the diving cards are now complete! It's taken roughly 45 hours to fully complete them from the initial drawing to the final colouring. Though I do have some artistic abilities, my favourite part of the process is definitely creating the game mechanics. My least favourite part is definitely the drawing. I tend to go up and down on whether I enjoy it or not. Though after finishing this, I must say that I'm very happy with the result. The diving and storm cards are the most labour intensive drawings to complete out of the entire game due to the amount of detailing and shading. The rest should go by relatively quickly. I'm hoping to have everything done by June 1 of this year, but I'm aware it might take until July 1. Doing the rough math, with 47 more cards to colour, it'll take me a total of 100 hours to colour; around 4 full days of non-stop colouring. Thankfully, I won't be doing it all in one sitting.
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Here at Karl Juhlke games, we strive to bring you the best games possible at the most affordable price possible; free. Every game we make will be available for free here as a print and play (PnP) package. We also value your feedback, so any you have, please use the Feedback Contact Form to let us know. We appreciate you stopping by, feel free to look at our games and print a few off for your next game night.

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